Great question!  And a very simple one to answer.

Log in to your 1iota account here:

If you have tickets, there will be a section in your "Tickets" tab that says "My Confirmed Tickets"

If there are tickets there, and an orange "Print Your Tickets" button, then yes!  Print those tickets out, and enjoy the show!  Your printed e-ticket says on it how many fans it admits.  You do not need multiple copies of the ticket.

If your account says you have no current requests, then you have not yet submitted any ticket requests successfully.

REMEMBER!  Tickets are free and we overbook in order to fill the audience.  Having tickets is not a guarantee of admission.

If your request says something else, check out our other FAQ entries for more info:

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What does "Available" mean?

What does "Sold Out" mean?

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